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Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Do You have a Mouse in a House?

Have you seen a mouse up close? When you are least expecting it? It happened to me once, as I was cleaning out a shelf in my garage, something black and furry jumped over me. I was startled and screamed like any girl would do. That was small tiny mouse, who hid behind the shelf quickly. That was the first time I ever saw a mouse up close. For days, I thought he (don’t ask me why, I thought mouse was “he”) stayed in the garage but one day, and I thought of my self kind enough to co-exist as long he stayed in the garage and did not bother me or kids inside the house.
One day, I saw a mouse running behind sofa in the living room and then I saw another in the kitchen. So, I knew I had two mice at least. I thought it was okay if they stayed in garage, but not inside the house as I am so scared of mice and cockroaches. But once they moved in the house and started running around my counter and behind the shelf, I was out of my wits. I had to found some solution fast with compassion.

I found a few ways to get rid of mouse from house naturally: Click here to read Natural ways to get rid of mouse from the house.

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