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Thursday, November 26, 2009

White Friday: No shopping day

Black Friday is one of the most busiest and most commercial shopping day in the USA, shopping frenzy is unbelievable. Some of our friends and relatives are big in to shopping Black Friday and has so many strategies to get best deals. There are many websites that promote "leaked" deals and how to get best shopping deals and how to stay safe while you are out there. If you are looking for tips to make a best shopping experience, you will not find it here.

All these tips and wisdom are lost on me. I am too lazy to wake up 4 AM to shop and too frugal to buy things that we do not need. I wrote about how about holidays were hectic in past here and how we are changing it to be more enjoyable by doing less and buying less and doing more things for inner joy instead.

So, as a part of enjoying holidays more, we are having a what I call, a White Friday on November 27, 2009, meaning, we are getting up late, staying in, and not going anywhere near shopping malls or stores.

Actually, we avoid all terms of shopping (other than groceries, and gas filling) from November 20th until January 15th. Why so long? Because, stores are busy with people buying Christmas gifts for themselves and others until December 24th and then going again in store to return/exchange gifts they received and did not like, from December 26th-January 10ish. Staying in long lines to purchase and return items nor getting pushed and shoved while shopping is not my idea of enjoyable holidays, although that is exactly what I have done in past. Not anymore.

About a few years ago, we decided to simplify our shopping and holidays, and it sure has made my life stress free and yet more meaningful. I am not the first to do this, nor alone in this way of thinking. Matter of fact there is a huge following on Buy Nothing Day , which has been getting successful here in US and a few other countries by avoiding shopping on Black Friday.

Here is what Thanksgiving means to me;

Thanksgiving: Giving heartfull thank you to everyone an everything that keeps me alive;

a) People you know, and who has helped you (your inner circle)
b) People you do not know and has helped you (your city, country)
c) People you know and who has helped others (your city, country)
d) People you do not know and has helped others (other countries)
e) People you know, who has not helped anyone but surviving life (your and other countries)
g) Animals/plants/insects/fish/bees who indirectly help us with food, life and love.
h) I am also thankful for clean drinking water, air and land that our planet has, for us to live on.

It may sound idealistic, but if you really think of it, there are so many reasons for us to be thankful and blessed without any store bought gifts. You can not put a price on that. And shopping may provide instant joy for a few people, but it does not bring long lasting joy of being content.

What are you thankful for? How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?


Photo: Adbuster Buy Nothing Campaign


Unknown said...

Love the idea of a White Friday. You make such a great point, Zengirl-- stuff is not what makes us happy. In fact, after a while the stuff and how to pay for it makes one more miserable than before.
My husband and I had a quiet Thanksgiving with our furry family. And yes, we slept in on Friday too :) Hope yours was wonderful.

zengirl said...


Thanks, we too had a very lazy and laid back Thanksgiving, just the way we planned it. We had a small family gathering and ate Vegan meal. I cooked pumpkin pie from scratch first time, it turned out well enough to be finished!

I am glad you, Desi and Furry friends had quiet and hopefully happy thanksgiving!

Betsy Bargain said...

Although I do go shopping on Black Friday, I do see your point, Zengirl. We do not get up early or stand in line at places where it's insanely busy. I do my shopping all year round, so if I find any good deals, I buy them for gifts, otherwise my sister, mom and I just have a nice day out looking around, have lunch together and go home!

zengirl said...


By shopping throughout the year, you probably get the better deal without the frenzy. I think it is a good idea to plan gift giving.

My brother also does shopping on black Friday because he gets a good deals and they (with his friends) get social outing like you and your mom too. As long as it works and fun, go for it.