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Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Asked Questions: Person behind the blog

I thought of answering a few asked questions and other possible questions you may have for the person behind the blog. It is not needed, but I always think it makes it personable when we know each other. I always like personal tidbits on blogs; so here it goes for those curious minds that want to know more!

And for those, who are fine without such details, I want to know how do you come to such a Zen mind? :-)

1. Are you on Twitter, Face book, other social media?

I am not currently on any of these social media. I do not want to be too much networked right now with 2 little ones at home. I may seem to be behind in technology but this is a conscious choice to keep little sanity in my life.

I still try to response to each comments posted here or sent via email as they are important to me. So far it has been easy as blog and email comments are small and manageable. If anything changes in future, I will sure to update information on the blog.

2. Why do you write anonymously?
It is matter of personal choice and comfort level. However, whatever I write everything here about life, kids and Zenguy are 100% truth.

3. Where are you located?
I live in SF bay area, in Northern California.

4. You say one of your passion is cooking, will we see food post here on the blog?
Yes, one of my passion is cooking along other things. I may post some healthy recipes occasionally here. My main focus here is personal and life improvement though. Meanwhile, you can check out many wonderful cooking blogs, one of my favorite is Holy Cow, Earth Vegan Blog , check out for yummy, healthy vegan recipes that will be liked by vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

5. How do you make money?
First, I thought of ignoring this question but after some pondering, I thought of answering it here. I have made so far (about 6 months of blogging) $0.00 on this blog. While I would like to earn some pocket change someday, this blog is almost advertisement free (except small amazon bar). My goal is to help others get a better, more fun and stress free life and get more balanced view between what heart wishes and mind wants.

6. Why name Zengirl?
I answered this in my earlier post here, please check it out.

7. Why name: Happy heart and mind?
Please check out here for details.

8. How often you update, post on your blog?
I post about 4-6 posts every month. I post when I get free time between 2 kids, home and being preschool teacher (volunteer post) among other things in life.

Also, if you want to know more about the person behind the blog, please check it out here .

Got more questions?
While, I do not claim to be expert, if you have questions, please feel free to ask them in comments here or email, I will answer to my best ability.

Question for you all.
Now, let me ask you, how can I make this blog more useful to you? You like what you read here? I am simple girl, with simple goal, let's make each other better person, shall we?

Thanks for reading and learning journey with me.



Megan said...

Thanks for letting us know more about you, it makes things more personal and real.

Steven | The Emotion Machine said...

I agree with Megan, thank you for sharing a little about yourself! It is really kind of you to write about your experiences and wisdom without expecting much in return.

Vaishali said...

Hi Zengirl, It is good to learn more about you. I am happy you are sharing your experiences with the rest of us and I also appreciate the reason behind your blog-- making the world a better place. Kudos!
Thanks also for your kind words about Holy Cow! So glad you like it. :)

Zengirl said...


You are welcome. Thanks for posting a comment. Do you have a blog? I love to check it out.

Thank you for your comments. I am still getting lot in return, I feel my readers keeps me in check when my life gets chaotic or I become not so zen-like, as it happens sometimes. I am learning along as well.

Thank you for kind words, it makes me feel so validated and encouraged in my continue to blog here.

I really do like your blog and your philosophy behind it and personal stories you put along with your recipe and not to mention wonderful pictures!.

Megan said...

No, I do not have a blog but I like reading them for now. I like how you write without ads, I am tired of some blogs they keep writing (selling) which credit card and which product to use.

Zengirl said...


Humm, interesting thought. Let's give every blogger benefit of doubt and not bash them for making money. Everyone has something to offer, I believe.

Amit Sodha - The Power Of Choice said...

It's good to get to know you better and I think it's a wise choice staying away from the social networking sites. It only adds more unecessary time on the internet, a presence through this blog is enough! :-)

Zengirl said...


Do you really think so? My blog this way will be slow to gain new readers, but will see how it goes.

When you go on twitter, and other social media, do you spend lot of time?