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Monday, July 27, 2009

Why happy heart and mind Blog? a story behind a name

There is a story, albeit very small one behind the name for this blog. Here is the explanation.

My mind and my heart, often wants different things at the same time. Same thing is true for most of the people I know. Maybe it is true for you too. Is it?

For example, my heart often says, I deserve to buy some book or movie, just because ..'so and so reason', while my mind is saying, I should be saving that money for bills and borrow that book/movie from library or friend. Who should I listen to? Of course my mind.

Other example would be that when my 5 months old wake up at yet again 7th time in one night (he is teething), my mind wants to sleep and not get up next day with raccoon eyes, but my heart just can't hear small baby crying and wakes up all the time. Who should I listen to this time? Heart wins!!

While it is good for a heart win sometimes and a mind win other times, I want this conflict to turn in to a productive and happy compromise position, where my mind and my heart is in happy balance. I am true Gemini so having two side each story is always thought of and discussed. Also, I am learning that just like two different side of coins and life can be in harmony if issues are simplified after being well thought of. Hence, the title of this blog is happy heart and mind.

Do you have two side talks with your heart and mind? Are they in harmony? Do you care?

Thanks for reading, this small tidbit behind the blog story.


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