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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More about Zengirl

I am Zengirl, married to my best friend zenguy for a long time. We have two lovely zenkids, both boys, our first is R, who is 41/2 years old and second one is P who is 5 months old.

I have electric engineering degree and uncompleted MBA. I stopped my MBA when I got pregnant and kids have occupied my time well for now to finish the MBA, but it is on my goal list. Zenguy and myself, we both used to work in tech industry, now I have become stay at home mom to my 2 boys and enjoying the work politics free lifestyle. While I miss my salary and social aspects of my work life, I do not regret my choice of being at home with the kids.

My interests are many and keeps me busy: home cooking, simple living, frugality, saving environment, gardening, oil painting, sketching, writing poems and stories, listening classical music, natural remedies and natural lifestyle, reading classic books,watching funny movies,
social life with like minded people and kids, quite meditation, yoga,reducing physical and mental clutter, attachment parenting, homeschooling.

I am a vegetarian since birth and I am working towards being a vegan. I have given up milk, honey, egg etc., for past 3 years, occasionally I eat yogurt and cheese, which I am working on quitting it.

I do not wish to be millionaire. I want to just have enough for us to be debt free and save some for kids future. I have started on this path a few years ago, it was rough and slow start but it is much easier now. There is always room for an improvement and everyday is little new achievement.

I am "jack of all trade and master of none" type of person and not an expert on any subject. I have many habits which I am trying to change for better. I hope to learn about myself by writing my thoughts out on a blog. Hope you can enjoy and learn along with me.


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