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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Backing up computer and data is very important

Quick and short update. We are back from our trip from east coast to visit family, and we are getting back to routine slowly here in California.

My laptop hard drive died for some reason while we were gone and all my files and blog posts that I had in the laptop are lost. Zenguy is trying to recover data, so let's see. Meanwhile, I have to re-create many things.

My posting will be minimal until we get my laptop up and running. Meanwhile, I suggest to all of you back up your files, and data even when you computer is running fine. I hope a few of my readers will still stick around to more great content to follow.



Betsy Bargain said...

Hi Zengirl,

I'm glad you're back from your holiday hiatus, but sorry to hear of your computer problems. I hope you are able to retrieve everything. That happened to me with my work laptop once, and I had not backed up my information. It was terrible to try to recreate all the data. Your reminder is an important one for all of us!

Amit Sodha - The Power Of Choice said...

Ouch, I know that feeling! Hope you manage to get it all up and running soon! x

zengirl said...


We have not recovered the data yet, but my new hard drive is installed, Zenguy is good. So at least I can use internet now.

Amit: Thank you, almost there now.