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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kids talk: series

This is a part of series on cutest things kids say. Sometimes my R, my 4 years old says things that makes me chuckle or sometimes makes me laugh out loud.

Even if you have kid or not, kid talks can be amusing, inspirational and may make us smile and make us feel good. I am sure, you will find it fun, even if you are not a parent, or parent many smart little ones.

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We shop at Trader Joes near our house for many of our house groceries need. Trader joes at the check out, often have stickers for young kids.

When R was about 3ish, he wanted more stickers, so he asked "I want more.". The check out lady, told him; "You will get more stickers, if you tell me the magic word." (Obviously, she meant word "please".) But R told her within seconds; "Abra ka Dabra!!!."

People around us all giggle, some laughed out loud, including check out lady. She said; "I will take that answer", and she gave R lot of stickers. :-) He did say another magic word finally: "Thank you".

Did you like the story? Do you have any kid story to share?

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