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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laidback Mornings: without an alarm

A few years ago, before we had kids, Zenguy and I both used to work in a corporate world. Our weekdays mornings were hectic and much hurried to say the least. Waking up to several alarm beeps (we needed it, as we kept hitting "snooze" button and going back to sleep) quick shower, toast/breakfast bars on the go, tea on go, while we listened to TV or radio traffic news and sitting on traffic jam till we reached office, finally breathing before getting to routine of day to day work issues.

Now, that I am at home, life is lot less hectic for all of us. We have not woken up to sound of alarm in years. We now wake up to sound of our children R (4.5 years) and P (8 months) in the mornings. It takes us a few minutes to be fully awake and than play with kids on bed for 10-15 minutes before getting up with them. Sometimes we wake up to sound of birds, that is also very soothing.

There is no radio or TV news sound in morning for us, we still eat toast or quick breakfast choices sometimes, but leisurely. Now, I am not saying, our every morning is perfect, some days kids are sick or cranky and some days we are so sleep deprived from previous night wakings that we become cranky :-) but despite all of these issues, mornings are much less hurried compared to when we both worked. When we have to go to preschool or work, Zenguy and I work as a team to get kids ready and fed. Zenguy is very sweet, some days he lets me catch some sleep in morning while watching both kids.

Our mornings are not sexy but they are lot satisfying and less hurried now. Best thing about it is, waking up to kids cooing (or crying) is lot better than alarm beep's harsh noise.

How is your morning routine? What works for you? I understand our situation is different, as I am staying home with kids and Zenguy has somewhat flexible work hours. I understand this routine may not work for everyone, but even if you are working, with no kids, you can try waking without an alarm or other harsh noises. For starter, try waking up one of the weekend day without alarm; just night before you lay your head on a pillow, wish or say time you would like to wake up next day and imagine yourself doing it. It has worked for me 98% time, without alarm, that is not bad, right?

When you wake up naturally, morning and day tend to go much smoother in my opinion. Try it, let me know how it worked for you.



Betsy Bargain said...

I don't need an alarm clock either. My cat makes sure I don't oversleep, because he wants his breakfast! I think it's much easier on the body to wake naturally than to be jolted suddenly out of sleep by an alarm clock. If you must use an alarm clock, try one of those alarm clocks that wakens you gradually, with light.

zengirl said...


I agree, walking up by your pet is great. My brother wake up with his Dog. :-)
I have heard of natural light alarm clock, but never used it so far. I guess I will not have to for sometimes, as kids are doing good job. :-)

Thank you for always stopping by to read and comment.

Vaishali said...

Our mornings usually begin with my dog Opie licking our faces to get us to wake up and take him for a walk :) We too try not to have hectic mornings-- I like spending some time with my cup of tea and the morning newspaper.

Walter said...

My son is 1 year old and he wakes us up every morning, oftentimes being orchestrated by the chirping of the birds. The smile on my sons face is pure heaven. My mornings are oftentimes this way. Thank God. :-)

Zengirl said...


I am sure Opie waking up much nicer and personal too. My brother's dog Ruby wakes him up, as she sleeps by thier bed too.

It just makes morning and day start off on right foot for most of us. Thank you for stopping by often and leaving comment.

Zengirl said...


Having small child in life does wonder right? waking up with natural light and bird or your spouse is better over harsh alarm beeps, any time.